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Principle of action
Application of equipment


Method of natural oscillation
Test of abrasive materials


Resonant control device for nondestructive acoustic quality testing of small articles.

RU.C.33.022.A 21079


  Perfecting and developing abilities of control device Zvuk-110M we have got Zvuk-130. This device has new abilities and it is more convenient to work with Zvuk-130. Nowadays the device is under type confirmation test.


  Zvuk-130 combines the removable electronic block, connected to PC and measuring stand. Devices operation is based on resonant control method. Measurement is going through piezoelectric sensor on the measuring stand. Frequency and Resonance are filtered and analyzed. Results are shown on screen as the meaning of natural oscillation frequency (Hz), sound velocity, E-Modulus and Sound Index or hardness.

  • Small articles control (grinding wheels and other articles in dimension from 3 to 250 mm in diameter, different grinding stones, cutting inserts of various shapes and sizes etc.);

  • Ceramics, hard alloys, vitrified, bakelite and vulcanite (resin) bonded abrasive articles;
    Articles manufactured by method of powder metallurgy and other.

PC compatibility:

This control device is to be connected to the PC through standard COM-Port. Installation is also easy to do, and you can quickly change workable PC, it can be used a notebook on the different places, including workshop. All Results you can save immediately in PC in Excel later evaluate.

Device is delivered as a set, consists of following items:

  • Electronic block, to be connected to the PC by standard COM-port

  • Computer programs for calculation and analysis of NOF spectrum on CD in English

  • Measuring stand with two piezoelectric sensors, between which the article should be fixed

  • Operating instructions

Technical description:

Range of measurement:

0.5-500 kHz

Device Zvuk-130

block, connected to the PC through standard COM-Port

Measuring stand:

weight 3 kg,
size 140200300 mm.

Soft for Zvuk-130

system requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP.

We also develop acoustic control techniques for quality control of articles of various standard sizes. Adapt program to particular customers needs. During the whole period of using our device you can count on our consultations connected with its using and on its repair if it is needed.

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