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Developing of means and tehniques of nondestructive test

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Principle of action
Application of equipment


Method of natural oscillation
Test of abrasive materials

  ZVUK Co. develops methods and means of nondestructive acoustic and electromagnetic testing. These methods and means allow to control the quality of various materials and articles by using devices of different modifications “Zvuk” and “Magnit”.
  “Zvuk” and “Magnit” devices intended to define electrical, physical and mechanical features of various materials and articles (including abrasive, refractory, metal and others). The devices implement electromagnetic and acoustic control methods.
  Nowadays the main direction of our company’s activity is development of techniques of nondestructive testing for measurements by different devices of various companies, majoring in building branch and also in other branches of industry.

     Devices:      Application:
 Control device "Zvuk-130" is based on resonant method, which allows applying the measurements of small articles and abrasive tools in dimensions from 3 to 165 mm (possible up to 250 mm).
 Control device "Zvuk-203M" is based on method of free oscillations. This nondestructive acoustic test allows controlling materials and articles of different sizes (except of small articles suit to Zvuk-110I).
 Control device "Magnit-704" is based on electromagnetic method and able to measure magnetic impurities content in various materials.
  • defining electrical, physical and mechanical features of abrasive materials and articles during both their producing and exploitation;
  • defining physical and mechanical features of refractory, ceramic, composite materials and articles of them;
  • quality control of carbon and graphite articles, applied at electrometallurgy;
  • control test of building materials and articles including refractory and building bricks of different shapes and sizes;
  • control of physical and mechanical features and flow detection of articles of cast-iron and other metals;
  • defining electrical and physical features of powered materials;
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